Quarantine life: We pretty much just use this time to game like crazy people. Can’t wait to go actually do things in the real world when it’s possible, though…but this has got to be the most I’ve held a controller for years.

Pac-Man has to have some of the earliest in game cutscenes, but what is even going on here? Why is the ghost naked?? 🎮

Welp, two cases in my city. Time to board up the windows. 🦠

Not that I’m very outgoing anyway, but I am definitely looking forward to coronafest ending so we can go places and not die…

Sent my 2015 iMac in for a trade in because it was being weird, and now I need to replace it. tempted to get the new quad core Air… 💻

Got the girlfriend a Switch Lite and Animal Crossing for Quarantinemas 🎮

This quarantine will be easy considering I was just going to play Doom Eternal forever anyway… 🎮

Doom Eternal is just….it’s everything I could ever want… 😭🖤🎮

Very tempted by that new MacBook Air and it’s 4 cores as my primary…

Soooo, starting a new job right in the middle of an epidemic is an interesting experience… 🦠

Ori and the Will off the Wisp is a good, good game. 🕹

Finally finished Resident Evil Zero. With a C. Sigh. 🕹

So now Twitter is doing the dissapearing posts thing? So glad I left social networks. IMO one of the most annoying features ever that should have stayed in SnapChat…which is itself annoying…

Really need to set up a proper backup solution and get Backblaze…Just set up a McGuyver hard drive on my AirPort for Time Machine for now (that entire sentence sounds cooler than it actually is).

Another good listen, going through my album queue… Lost Society’s No Absolution. Great modern metal/thrash. 🎧 🤘🏻

Moms dog whammed her head into a pole outside and got a nice little scratch. 😢 🐶

Listening to a Remaster podcast episode about competitive Pokemon and it makes me want Sword and Shield…I swear I’m buying a Switch once Metroid Prime 4 has an actual release date…

I really want to start growing hot chilis and making my own hot sauce. Hopefully we will have space for such activities soon…

Using my girlfriends 2012 Macbook Pro over my iMac, and this thing really stands the test of time, other than the display being super low res. Looks good enough. I miss when Apple knew how to build a laptop. 💻