The newest In Flames release I, The Mask is definitely a step in the right direction compared to the previous releases…all hail The Jester Race!

2020 and I still think big massive open world games are bad. Lots of people enjoy them, but I’m not sure if its because of what they think they could be, or because of what they actually are. The foundation of these games is bad game design, IMO. Look to VR instead.

So excited for the next gen Xbox. It’s like everything I have ever wanted in a game console!

Sooo many job applications I’ve skipped for haven’t finished because the application process was so convoluted or just plain non functional. Places are probably missing out on a lot of great candidates because of their middleware HR software.

My friend who I’ve known the absolute longest made my sisters newborn this! 🖤

Sonic 2 on the Genesis Mini with a 6 button controller 🖤 🕹

I’m obsessed with our InstaPot and I’m currently making hot wings with it, so life is good.

RIP handmade belt I’ve had since 2013. The belt part fell off finally. 😢

Imagine my excitement discovering there is a band named after the Halo star ship Shadow of Intent, then imagine my disappointment that it’s super generic death-core crap. 🎧

If someone broke into our apartment right now, they would just see me eating habanero hot sauce at 3AM and probably call the cops to turn themselves in.

Woah! New info on this infamous cancelled game? 🕹

See Blizzard’s cancelled StarCraft: Ghost in HD video

Replayed Sonic Adventure and my god this game aged like milk. Three ports later and it’s still awful. 🕹

I really hope someday I have a big enough living space I can HomeKit the hell out of it.

Remember Fear Effect? Like that memory? Well, don’t play Sedna. Frustrating, confusing, boring, but cool soundtrack. Really hope the remake of Fear Effect isn’t like this. Finished it anyway. 🕹

I loved the Sonic movie. I’m pretty biased considering I grew up destroying my eyes with Sonic and Sega, but it was a great kids movie with nods to us adults. Also love that it was in “Montana”. I grew up there and Child Me would have cried thinking Sonic lived there. 🎥

Here we go…also get to see if this 5$ theater is just office chairs in a basement…

First pizza of the year! Can’t have it much but once in awhile works. Nice Valentine’s Day with the babe. ❤️ 🍕

Did an entire day of Swift basics and will probably be posting “what I learned today” on here as I go. Lots of ideas I want to execute finally! 🖥