RIP Alexi Laiho

Can’t believe this is the news I woke up to, but Alexi Laiho passed away today.

Bodom Beach Terror

Children of Bodom was a gateway extreme metal band for me. I still remember the first time I heard them. The song was Bodom Beach Terror from Hate Crew Death Roll. The chorus with it’s keyboards and guitar melodies sent shivers down by teenage spine, and I just had to have more. 41 is too young.



I don’t think I need to point out to anyone how much of a lost year 2020 was, but I was fortunate to escape it mostly unscathed, and accomplished quite a bit.

  • I started work at an amazing top tier tech company that actually pays a living wage and recognizes hard work. I was able to start right as the pandemic did, thanks to the wonders of remote working
  • I moved to a much nicer area, due to the above living wage
  • I interviewed at a top tier video game company. I wasn’t hired, but the fact I was considered was incredible feeling
  • I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes the year prior, and was able to cut my A1C in half this year by not eating so much garbage
  • I played a copious amount of video games
  • My niece was born and I absolutely love spending time with her
  • The ARM based Mac’s finally came out that I was waiting for years prior
  • I took the entire year off from social media
  • I’ve now been dating a wonderful girl for two years
  • We’ve spent almost every minute of the year together and haven’t hated it
  • I proposed and she said yes

I never thought the first and last bullet point would be a thing for me, so I’m still getting used to it as I come close to my 33rd birthday.

As I mentioned, we were very fortunate to not suffer as so many have this year. If 2021 is anything like 2020, the one change I would make is getting back in the swing of things as far as physical fitness and learning stuff on the side. I was so lazy this year as far as creating anything or sharpening skills I already have.

We ended the year playing board games and Jenga

I hope at the end of next year, I’m able to write something as positive as this.

New Blog

Yet another new blog… gotta keep that (lack of) web presence up! I’ll throw some tech related articles and new project info updates on here as I do them!