Noticing it’s mostly the odd accessories I had on my gaming collection before that shot up in value. I.e. the official Xbox HD kit

Haven’t read this comic since I was a kid. I wonder if I can find it somewhere at my moms house…

I, for one, shed no tears over Toshiba quitting the laptop business

WELL my mother sent us this in the mail, so our apartment is now complete

Read an article about how hard it is to leave Facebook. I think I’ve been off nearly a year now, and while there is inconvenience, life is still much better without.

Trying to learn how to properly use Affinity Designer before I drop 50 bucks on it

Fridge word magnets are a great idea if you want visitors to leave obscene fortunes for you

Sending nice messages to great Halo players on Xbox live is my way of bringing joy to the world

Halo MCC Rumble Pit is as fun as it was in 2004…

What have I started…also, MTG Arena just came out on MacOS, so guess I may as well give it a go since my friends are all nerds

Daniel playing the most terrible Magic cards possible, no doubt

TunnelBear is a pretty easy friendly VPN. Replaced EncryptMe

Ignoring the internets outcry over graphics, Halo Infinite looks like a blast to me and I can’t wait