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Wednesday 13






: Very happy to have multiple days off work to visit the wife’s family. I don’t hate my job or …

: WWDC time today! 🍎

: Picked up the original Yakuza while I’m on my Yakuza kick 🎮

: Now the wife is playing Judgement! 🎮

: “No rough housing in this house” 🐶

: [ …

: Weekends are too damn short.

: About halfway through Judgement so far. Loving it like I do all the other Yakuza series…Imagine I’ll …

: Early Sunday morning leftover pizza and game time…checking out Judgement, the Yakuza spinoff …

: She’s in a mood

: Behemoth - And the Forests Dream Eternally I got back into record collecting recently, so expect more of these! Behemoth - And the Forests …

: Halo Cookbook: Patty Melts Yes, I bought the Halo cookbook, and yes, I made things from it. I figured I would post the outcomes …

: Wednesday 13 - Tally Ho Theater, Leesburg, VA - November 26th, 2023 Ventured out of my cave the other night to see Wednesday 13 play a Murderdolls set! I had to go, …

: Moved Deprecated Gaming to a VPS I have another website, that's meant to showcase how much I love old games and the …

: Stellar Shift Xbox Controller I don't go through controllers very often, but my 20th Anniversary Xbox controller was starting to …

: Born Again Blog Let's see how long I can keep this one up! I don't use any social media, so I figured it would be …

: Finally re-beat Batman Arkham Knight, now to find the 9374924 riddler trophies 🕹️

: Mario movie tickets acquired…for Saturday, 12PM, because I’m old

: A New Programming Language Has Arrived For Creating NES Games Woah!!!

: I gotta find out why Sonic was murdered

: weirdly attached to my Plex server full of weird crap

: I love it how the Music app crashes for me now when you airplay to a HomePod and “unlove” a song…oh …

: Man I love playing Halo Infinite multiplayer, warts and all 🕹️

: Finished reading: Bone by Jeff Smith 📚hooked on this from Disney Adventures mini mags when i was a …

: Finished reading: Batman: The Killing Joke by Alan Moore 📚so damn good

: I’d rather not bitch about tech stuff because I feel like most “tech” people just …

: I feel like every admin panel in Azure/365 might as well have an old style “under …

: Controller for scale 🐶

: We got a new food processor that actually works and made red pepper hummus! Favorite recipe site …

: Forgot I had this…nice!

: Started messing with Godot game engine and having a great time with it so far! 🎮

: 🎵

: If my Airpods could stop cutting out every couple of seconds every damn time I use them with my Mac, …

: Been on a tech/death kick lately so its time to spin one of the hallmarks of the genre this AM 🎵

: Tonight’s album

: Kind of sad watching Twitter fall apart, but not surprising in the least either.

: Everything went great!

: My mom is getting a pacemaker put in as I type this. Hoping for good news here soon on the results …

: Digging the lower price of the M2 Mac mini. My M1 mini is still a champ!

: I finally beat the original Legend of Zelda on NES. 🎮

: idk why she has maracas 🐶

: 🎮

: Turned 35 yesterday, and I’m very thankful my life at age 35 is way better than I ever could have …

: 😵‍💫

: my posture was just so bad that I almost fell out of my chair forward

: 🎵

: 🎵

: Next up 🎵

: Album is worth it for this track alone 🎵

: I’ll miss Jinx 😢

: Next: The Minds I, which I don’t think I’ve ever heard, actually… 🎵

: Classic… 🎵

: the HomePod mini has got to be the worst Apple thing in recent memory. We have 3 and the amount of …

: Working my way through the Dark Tranquility discography, since I was so obsessed with the Halo …

: Welp, here goes 2023

: Same

: 😴

: Very much enjoying the week-long break I’m currently on 😎

: So weird seeing a Microsoft copyright on Battletoads Double Dragon 🎮

: 📷 🎄

: I’ve now crossed the 1Gb internet speed line!

: Annoying that Nvidia is discontinuing GameStream right after I got a setup going with Moonlight. …

: High on Life is my favorite game of the year by far. Finally! Colors and humor and weird stuff! We …

: I am so glad I don’t have to screw around with Mastadon but can still interact and follow …

: So glad I preordered this a year ago 🎮

: This is my last week at one of the most frustrating jobs I’ve ever had, and I cannot wait for Friday

: Sophie has now lived with me and my wife @velkara for nearly 2 years

: It’s her birthday 🐶

: RIP Twitter…long live!