Really hoping we can move into a new place somewhat normally by the end of June…

Scaled down my music collection drastically and rebuilding playlists more in line with what I love and inspired me, vs having a massive backlog of albums to listen to. Still going through recommendations though!

I’m 30 hours into FF15 but only at Chapter 6 because I can’t stop doing the side quests. World is crumbling around me while I punch frogs 🎮

I can’t believe people think 5G is the cause of all woes and are actually trying to vandalize towers because of misinformation online. Oh wait, yes I can…

Working on a new project since quarantinemas is going to last more a few more months and im going crazy being unproductive all the time

Anyone else learn how to read Roman Numerals from Final Fantasy titles? 🎮

Uhh, so the game was totally paused and this subtitle came up… 🎮

I now have an Xbox in every room of the house. Except the bathroom. Hmmm…. 🎮

Don’t you just love it when you find out stuff you left somewhere is valuable now and you’ll never get any of it back?

Man, the Silent Hill soundtracks are still great. 🎧 🎮

Playing Final Fantasy XV and just doing hunts while the game screams at me to do advance the storyline 🎮

Perfect Darks reload animations were truly ahead of their time 🎮

Perfect Dark is a true classic, but I have no clue what’s going on here… 🎮