I’m going to be so sad when I can’t work form home anymore.

Since the collective lot of us have been working from home and quarantined, we decided to go stay at my girlfriends families house for a week in New Hampshire. Nice to get out for a bit, even if it just means going from one house to another.

I got my adorable niece Chloe an NES controller chewy 🤩

I got my adorable niece Chloe an NES controller chewy 🤩

Not feeling buyers remorse for getting the 2020 Air over the just announced Pro. Plus, I paid 750 after a gift card. Can’t beat that.

Hair regrowing is coming along. It’s been about two years since I shaved my head. Last time I had short hair I was 13 or so. Can’t wait for it all to be back!

MacBook Air 2020. Second computer I’ve ever bought new. Usually I build, fix, or buy used, because money sucks. This I was able to easily afford because I make a living wage now. Life is good. 💻

Rebuilding my big ol’ playlist to be better for long drives on shuffle. So many clicks…

Finished the HD version of Silent Hill 3. Terrible voice acting and glitches, but hey, it’s Silent Hill 3 on a modern console.

Mr Clean Magic Erasers are the best things ever for restoring old electronics

Playing through Silent Hill 2 brings back so many memories…

Best Offer’s on eBay are not working out in my favor lately…

It’s going to be so bizarre not wearing pajama’s 24/7 once all of this is over…

I can’t stop eating these. The pain is worth it… 🌶

Decontamination of a PSP I just got in the mail 🎮

Hoo boy the Silent Hill HD collection isn’t good

Bit the bullet and ordered the i5/8GB/256GB Macbook Air 2020 that just came out. Traded in my old busted iMac for 320$ towards it. Hope it does what I need!