Halo Cookbook: Patty Melts

Yes, I bought the Halo cookbook, and yes, I made things from it.

I figured I would post the outcomes here because...why not?

I like cooking, but I wouldn’t ever brag about my kitchen skills, so this is more for other fans who are curious about this weird Halo item.

Everything in the cookbook is written “in universe”, and it’s actually kind of cool. I was expecting shoehorned “one time Master Chief thought about burgers”, but the connections to the universe and lore are pretty well thought out.

I’m making random recipes from the different sections of the book. This one in particular is from the World Cuisine section.

The patty melt recipe consists of ground turkey, provolone, and suateed onions. It’s wasn’t bad, but I’m not a huge fan of turkey. I’m trying all of these recipes how they are presented to expand my culinary horizons, but I like what I like, and turkey ain’t it.

Andrew Lawrence @phrequencyviii