Stellar Shift Xbox Controller

I don't go through controllers very often, but my 20th Anniversary Xbox controller was starting to get pretty war torn after thousands (probably, I don't know) of Halo matches, complete with loose and worn out analog sticks. I saw the Stellar Shift controllers were on sale for 20 bucks off, so I picked one up, as one can never have too many controllers.

It's awesome! The colors shift as you turn it around in the light. It's kind of hard to capture properly on camera, but here is a little clip.

It feels weird having sticks that aren't loose, so I guess I better get to work breaking it in...

I get asked about the keyboard attachment a lot. This was an official Xbox Chatpad add-on released during the Xbox One era. I don't think they make them anymore. I dig them because I do a lot of Y button searches (think Spotlight on Mac with Command + Space) and, quite honestly, it makes the controller easier for me to hold as I have a lot of problems with my hands. The added weight is nice as well.

This also includes a dynamic wallpaper background that looks like the grips. Snazzy!

Andrew Lawrence @phrequencyviii