Stardew Valley MacOS Monterey Not Launching Fix

My wife and I have been sucked into the virtual farming world via Stardew Valley, so we picked up the Mac version from GoG.

Of course, like every time I go to play a computer game, it doesn’t launch properly after installation. The dock icon for the game lights up, the icon bounces, and then it stops with a “go-fuck-yourself” type crash.

Stardew Valley giving me the finger on MacOS

Here’s how to get it working again, and why it’s crashing:

The game is looking for a startup config directory inside the users home directory (~), and since it’s not there by default, added by the installer OR added by the games first launch, the game just croaks and dies since that folder isn’t found.

You can fix it by opening up your Terminal (hit + Space and start typing Terminal and you’ll see it) and copying/pasting the following command:

mkdir -p ~/.config/StardewValley
Note that after copy and pasting the above command, you won’t get any output from the Terminal

This will create the proper folder and subfolder needed (mkdir – p and then ~/.config/Stardew Valley) so the game can get on with its thing.

Hopefully this is fixed at some point, but if not, here is how to get around it!

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