Godhead - Nothingness 🎵

Mostly known for releasing an album on Marilyn Manson’s short lived vanity label, Godhead has been around for some time, playing a mix of 90’s rock sounds, from industrial to grunge, all to varying degrees of success.

Circa 1997 when Nothingness was released, industrial rock was enjoying mainstream success, and Godhead clearly knew their way around the genre’s trappings. Riffs and vocals are full of hooks but never surrender the dark atmosphere 90’s era goth rock was known for.

Fast forward to 2020 and Nothingness is still a viable listen, though the songwriting is exposed as formulaic now that the genre’s been well trodden, and in many ways, forgotten. Sound sample focused interludes pepper the album throughout, and things get interesting on heavier songs such as Lift. What Nothingness lacks in substance, Godhead was able to offer on later releases, but as far as debut’s go, they weren’t off to a bad start.


Andrew Lawrence @phrequencyviii