American Head Charge - Tango Umbrella 🎵

I have a soft spot for “classic” Nu-Metal (ask for a definition of nu-metal and you’ll get one hundred different answers), but it’s not uncommon for long running bands that fell under that umbrella (pun unintended) to dump the genre’s more tired characteristics in seek of differentiation or legitimacy.

Tango Umbrella eschews this approach and stays true to the bands trademark unapologetic nu-metal sound. Listen closely to Drowning Under Everything or the emotionally charged When the Time is Never Right and you’ll hear hints of Just So You Know (a personal favorite from The Art of War), and Perfectionist plays like out like the Wikipedia article description of nu-metal.

There isn’t a question of legitimacy here, as the band sounds as they should, but I can’t help but feel a little uninspired by the end of the LP. A lack of cohesive standout tracks leaves the listener craving another ear worm smash hit like Just So You Know, or another aggressive heavy hitter like _ Pushing the Envelope_ , but it just isn’t to be found this time around. I know most bands aren’t seeking to repeat themselves, but straying too far from the path while simultaneously never looking outside the lines can be just as bad. Overall unremarkable, but well executed.


Andrew Lawrence @phrequencyviii