Stuff I’ve Listened To – December 2017

I listen to a lot of music, whether I’m at work, driving, or doing whatever. Most of it’s on the heavier side, but not always. I figured I would share my opinions on what I’ve heard, because it might help someone discover something new to listen to.
My goal is to eventually listen to everything in my collection, and have some awesome playlists carefully crafted of my favorite songs. I use Apple Music currently, so I’ll share my playlist with that service as I go.

Type O Negative – Dead Again

This is the last Type O album, and while it’s good, it’s far from my favorite. It was so difficult to listen to them for so long after Peter Steele’s death, but I’m able to appreciate them again.
September Sun is by far the standout here, and I love the music video. I do prefer the single version over the seemingly unnecessarily long album version, though.

Best Song: September Sun

Seth – The Howling Spirit

I have loved this relatively unknown band ever since I heard their Mayhem cover on a random tribute CD, so naturally, I was excited they made their return with a new album. Unfortunately, it really just doesn’t do anything for me, after multiple listens. It’s not bad, but its far from what I liked about them. Your milage may vary.

Wolves in the Throne Room – Thrice Woven

This band is definitely an acquired taste, with long, flowing ambient black metal song structures, which means I still need a few more listens to truly appreciate this, but it’s pretty awesome so far and some of it made it to my shuffled playlist. Much better than the last electronic ambient album, though I didn’t hate that or anything.

Best Song: Born From the Serpents Eye

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