First week of Invisalign down…first change of aligners…maybe this one won’t cut my mouth up #invisalign #braces


What a busy ass few weeks!

I had four teeth pulled in preparation for Invisalign braces. Tried to go for Smile Direct Club to save money, but my case was too advanced for that to handle. I had to go to an actual orthodontist. It costs an arm and a leg (and four perfectly good teeth), but I’ve wanted my teeth and bite fixed since I was in my early teens. I’ll post weekly progress, but it’s going to take 45 weeks to complete.

The first few days of having the trays in was agonizing, as you get the painful combination of the tray eyes cutting up your tongue and cheeks, and the actual teeth shifting around, so that sucked. I change them for the first time tomorrow morning.

The day after getting them, I was all set to make the trip down to Baltimore to see one of my favorite bands of all time at Soundstage: Cradle of Filth. This band means a lot to me, so much so that I did Skype guitar lessons with Paul Allender (no longer with them, unfortunately), and I’ve been internet buddies with the (new, at the time) keyboard/backup vocalist Lindsay Schoolcraft since 2012. I was exciting to FINALLY see them live and get to say hi to her in person, as last tour I was traveling for work and Baltimore was cancelled due to Visa issues anyway.

After work, I took the trip to Baltimore (about a two hour drive), and got in the ever growing line outside the venue, and listened to a guy talk about playing the mandolin and his band to some blue haired girl. Always interesting people at metal shows…

About 30 minutes before doors opened, I opened Twitter and saw that the band had cancelled because Dani Filth was sick.

I passed the word around and we waited for the venue to confirm, which they did. Jinjer and Uncured was still playing, but Cradle couldn’t. Luckily, I got a refund and still got to see both bands, and bought a shirt from the merch booth.

However, the true highlight of the night that made the trip worth it was Lindsay asking if I was there, and meeting me sidestage! She’s just as awesome in person as she is online, and she gives the best hugs. Unfortunatly, I couldn’t say much due to my mouth killing me, but the brief meeting was totally worth it. Can’t wait to see her again. We got an awkward picture together as well.

I saw the other band members around the venue, but didn’t want to bother them. Hey, at least I kind of saw Cradle of Filth. Stuff happens, and Dani was pretty damn sick.

Either way, I’ll definitely be there next time.

Uncured were pretty amazing for a new, independent band, and I snagged a photo with them as well.

Jinjer was better live than in studio, I think. Really amazing performance, but I hung in the back because at this point I was ready to just get home. I stuck it out till the end and made my trip back home and promptly passed out.

The weekend wasn’t time for a break, though, as I’ve now moved back to my wonderful friends house. I spent the weekend packing and moving the few belongings I have (which is the way I like it), repainting and then moving back into my old room.

There are a lot of advantages to living here, besides the fact awesome friends also live here. It saves me a ton of driving and gas as my work and everything else is minutes away, and the gym in nearby.

Now that things have settled, its time to get to work. I’ve made 2018 all about solving problems, and so far I’ve made a lot of progress. Up next is getting my weight and finances under control. I’ve made massive progress mentally, with my living situation, health, my teeth, and some other stuff. Hair is growing back quickly as well!

I have a few projects I want to start up soon.

Next show I’m going to is probably Blind Melon, one of my favorite bands ever.

More later!

Excited to see Ready Player One tonight. Never ended up reading the book but I thought about reading a book so that’s pretty cool.

My mouth is so damn sore. I don’t recommend getting a bunch of teeth ripped out at once. Braces soon, braces soon….